Chocolate egg packaging

Customers can look forward to elegant yet sustainable Easter packaging in 2020.
Photo ASDA.

Easter packaging 2020: Luxury meets sustainability

Recycling and environmental protection initiatives

Two people holding four Easter egg packages

The shape of the chocolate eggs has been altered in order to cut down on plastic in the packaging. Photo: ASDA

Packaging designs on the egg itself

Chocolate egg with a tin

Sustainable and luxurious: the vegan luxury eggs from Love Cocoa. Photo: Love Cocoa

Reusable Easter packaging

Hand-painted chocolate egg, 26 cm in height.

The artists spend over a week painting one egg.
Photo: Fortnum & Mason

KitKat bars in Easter egg form

The 2020 Haribo Easter basket

The Easter basket packaging from Haribo has a handy carrying handle. Photo: Haribo