Structural data interpack 2023


from 156 countries


from 61 countries

Leading international trade fair

Exhibitors from Germany

Exhibitors from abroad

Total net area

Net area Germany

Net area abroad

Messeimpression interpack 2023

Origin of the trade visitors

Visitors found new suppliers / business partners at interpack 2023.
Visitors received information about new products at interpack 2023.

Decision-making competence

The majority of visitors are involved in investment decisions.

Visitor quality

Supply interests


Processes and machines for the packaging of: Food, beverages, confectionery/baked goods, pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, consumer goods

83 %

Packaging materials, packaging supplies and packaging aids

46 %

Processes and machines for packaging production

38 %

Processes and machines for labelling and marking technology

23 %


Integrated packaging printing

13 %

Services for the packaging industry and the confectionery industry

9 %


(Multiple answers possible)

8 %

Reasons for visit

Innovations / Trends

Visit existing suppliers / business partners

Industry meeting / Networking

Presence of specific exhibitors

Purchase / Order

Preparation/ implementation of purchasing decisions

Business sectors

Impressionen von der interpack 2023

Business sectors of the trade visitors

Responsibilities of the visitors



Business, corporate, operational management

27 %

Research and development, design

19 %

Manufacturing, production, quality control

14 %

Sales, Distribution

13 %



Purchasing, procurement

8 %

Marketing, Advertising, PR

4 %

Maintenance, servicing

3 %

Logistics: materials management, warehouse, transport

2 %


6 %

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