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Spoon at the Ready
Worldwide there is a growing trend towards “to-go” options and there are more and more innovations for practical products in the packaging segment. One case in point being the EcoSpoon – a foldable spoon for carefree food enjoyment on the go.
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Shake it up
There is nothing better than cool, creamy milk shakes for that in-between refreshment on a hot summer’s day. For the corresponding “high-spirits” kick designers have now come up with particularly striking cups.
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Shaken not stirred
With a simple trick the new packaging of the widely popular Orangina orangeade amazes everyone.
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Collier à Volluto
Shiny gold, pink, mauve, black, blue, bronze – the harmonious colour scheme of the little capsules not only impresses coffee lovers but also designers throughout the world. Because magnificent pieces of jewellery can be made from the used capsules.
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The power’s in the peel
Delicious orange juice, delicious orange sorbet, delicious orange plastics? No, humans can’t digest orange peels, but they’re good for the environment.
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Perfume To-Go
You remember those 4711 tissues – original Eau de Cologne – that grandma always used to carry in her handbag. Especially in summer when temperatures are rising older ladies swear by that in-between refreshment. Now these handy “towelets” also seem to gain ground with the younger generation.
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Food giant Nestlé is in touch with the latest trends. It has successfully created some viral attention for its slogan “Have a Break – Have a KitKat” on its innovative packaging labels.
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New trends in pharmaceutical packaging
The falsified Medicines Directive requires all packaging in the pharmaceutical sector in the EU to bear an individual serial number by 2019. This obliges packaging service providers for the pharmaceutical sector to implement measures for the serialisation of medicine packaging within 3 years
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Probably the best
It’s a green bottle, it’s nice to hold, and men love it. No, this isn’t beer were talking about – or is it?
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Not in the Bag
Plastic bags are disappearing from more and more supermarkets. The accusation that they are detrimental to the environment puts governments, industry and trade around the globe under pressure.
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